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Vocabulary Worksheets for 14th November :

  1. Tab (n) : tag, short strap

  2. Tabby (n) : a female cat

  3. Table (n) : a piece of furniture with a flat top, a list of information given in a very short form

  4. Tableland (n) : a plateau

  5. Tablet (n) : a flat sheet at wood, stone, etc, with inscription a writing pad, a dose of Medicine

  6. Table-talk (n) : intimate conversation

  7. Tabloid (n) : a pellet (medicine) tablet

  8. Tabulate (v) : arrange the information in the form of a table

  9. Tabulate (adj.) : tabular

  10. Tacit (adj.) : understood without being openly stated (implied)

  11. Taciturn (adj.) : habit of saying very little

  12. Taciturn (n) ; taciturnity

  13. Tackle (v) : solve, attack, seize

  14. Tackle (n) : set of pulleys and ropes to manage a ship’s sails or life weights

  15. Tact (n) : alertness, peculiar skill

  16. Tactics (n) : a plan to do some things

  17. Tactless (adj.) : without tact

  18. Tadpole (n) : the young of a frog or toad

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