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Vocabulary Workshop for 19th November :

  1. That (pron.) : referring to person or thing, former or latter, who or which

  2. Thatch (n) : dried straw, etc, (to form roof covering)

  3. Thatched (p & adj.) : covered with thatch

  4. Thaw (v) : melting of snow, ice, etc.

  5. Thaw (v) : melt

  6. The (definite article): to denote a particular person or thing

  7. The (adv.) : by so much, by that amount

  8. Theatre (n) : a play house, scene of action

  9. Thee (pron.) : (2nd person singular) objective of ’thou’

  10. Theft (n) : act of thieving, stealthily taking away what belongs to others

  11. Their (pron.) : of them or belonging to them

  12. Theism (pron.) : belief in the existence of God or Gods, the toxic effects of excessive tea drinking

  13. Them (pron.) : objective of they

  14. Theme (n) : a subject of discourse, a topic to be discussed or developed

  15. Themselves (pron.) : plural form of himself, itself, reflexive and emphatic from of they

  16. Then (adv.) : at that time, next in space or time

  17. Thence (adv.) : from that place, therefore, after that time

  18. Thenceforth (adv.) : there after

  19. Theodolite (n) : a surveying instrument used for measuring horizontal and vertical angles

  20. Theology (n) : the science of religion

  21. Theorem (n) : a rule or statement of relations formulated in symbols

  22. Theory (n) : general principles in art or science a hypothesis to illustrate facts or events

  23. Theosophist (n) : a person with belief in divine illumination

  24. Theosophy (n) : sudden divine illumination by spiritual intuition

  25. Therapeutics (n & pl) : science at medicine relating to the treatment and cure of diseases

  26. There (adv.) : to (in) that place

  27. Thereabout (adv.) : about or near that place

  28. Thereabouts (adv.) : near place or quantity

  29. There after (adv.) : afterwards

  30. Thereat (adv.) : at that place (thing, event) on that account

  31. Thereby (adv.) : near that place, in consequence of that, by that means

  32. Therefore (adv.) : for that

  33. Therefore (adv.) : consequently for this (that) reason

  34. Therefore (conj.) : consequently for this (that) reason

  35. There from (adv.) : from this or that

  36. Therein (adv.) : in that place (time or thing)

  37. Thereon (adv.) : on that, thereupon

  38. Thereto (adv.) : to this or that, in addition

  39. Therewith (adj.) : with this or that thereafter

  40. Thermal (adj.) : pertaining to heat

  41. Thermometer (n) : an instrument for measuring one’s temperature

Vocabulary Workshop for 19th November :

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