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Wastage, Waste and Wasteful

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Wastage : noun : amount lost by being wasted

• Allow 100% extra material for wastage.

Natural Wastage = losing workers because they resign or retire, not because they are made redundant or are sacked

NOTE : no plural

Waste : noun : rubbish or things which are not used

• The company was fined for putting industrial waste into the river.

• It is a waste of time asking the chairman for a rise.

• That computer is a waste of money. There are plenty of cheaper models which would do the work just as well.

NOTE : no plural

Waste : adjective : not used

• Waste materials

• Cardboard is made from recycled waste paper.

Waste Paper Basket = container near an office desk into which pieces of rubbish can be put

Waste : verb : to use more than is needed

• To waste money or paper or electricity or time

• The MD does not like people wasting his time with minor details.

• We turned off all the heating so as not to waste energy.

Wasteful : adjective : something which wastes a lot of something

• This photocopier is very wasteful of paper.

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