Wealth Spells Trouble.

Wealth Spells Trouble. :

Once, a rich jeweller and an iron merchant were walking down a path with their donkeys.

The jeweller had decorated his donkey well. He had a silk cloth on his back. The donkey was carrying gold coins and precious gems in the two large sacks.

On the other hand, the iron merchant's donkey was simple. In his sacks he was carrying some iron tools.

The jeweller's donkey was feeling very proud about his appearance and precious goods. He walked with a proud gait. The other donkey walked slowly and calmly.

Suddenly a gang of dacoits stopped them. The jeweller and the iron merchant ran away leaving their donkeys behind. The dacoits looked through the Iron merchant's goods. They found nothing valuable and let the donkey go.

Then they saw the proud donkey. They took away his costly goods and his silk clothes. When the donkey resisted, they beat him up. The donkey learnt that pride and wealth both invite trouble.

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