Since Many Analogy Questions feature technical terms from Weather, which even students with strong general vocabulary, may not be aware of, this chapter gives such a list of words from Weather for the benefit of all the students.

Avalanche: large mass of snow moving rapidly down a mountain

Breeze: gentle wind

Blizzard: violent snow storm

Cirrus: wispy white cloud at high altitude

Cloudburst: sudden, intense rainfall

Cumulus: a dense, white, fluffy, flat based cloud with a multiple rounded top and well defined out line

Cyclone: violent, rotating wind storm

Deluge: heavy rain fall causing a flood

Dew: moisture condensed at night on surfaces of cool objects

Drizzle: Very light rain

Drought: prolonged period without rain

Eye: a calm region at the center of storm or cyclone or hurricane

Flux: continuous flow of water resulting in flood

Fog: thick moist

Frost: minute ice crystals that form on surfaces

Gale: moderate wind storm

Gust: sudden, sharp burst of wind

Hail: precipitation in the form of pellets of ice and hard snow

Hurricane: intense, violent, rotating wind storm or tropical cyclone at sea

Inundation: flood

Lava: molten rock that issues forth from the volcano

Maelstrom: powerful, turbulent whirlpool

Monsoon: seasonal wind storm that brings heavy rains to the Indian coast
Nimbus: rain cloud of uniform gray that covers the entire sky

Sleet: frozen or partly frozen rain

Smog: fog augmented by smog

Squall: sudden, violent windstorm accompanied by rain

Thunderbolt: lightning accompanied by thunder

Tornado: a rotating and moving column of air along with a funnel shaped cloud

Zephyr: gentle breeze from the west

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