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Wharfage and Wharfinger

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Welfare : noun :

(a) looking after people

The chairman is interested in the welfare of the manual workers' families.

Welfare State = country which looks after the health, education, etc., of the people

(b) money paid by the government to people who need it

NOTE : no plural

QUOTE : California become the latest state for enacting a program forcing welfare recipients to work for their benefits. (Fortune)

Well-Known : adjective : known by many people

Well-Paid : adjective : earning high salary

Wharf : noun : place in a dock where a ship can tie up to load or unload

NOTE : Plural is wharfs or wharves

Wharfage : noun : charge for tying up at a wharf

NOTE : no plural

Wharfinger : noun : person who works on a wharf

Wheeler-Dealer : noun : person who lives on money from a series of profitable business deals

Where Of : adverb : (formal) in witness whereof I sign my hand = I sign as a witness that this is correct

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