What is in A Name?

What is in A Name? :

Once, a boy named Papak studied in a gurukul. Papak means sinner. So he wanted to change his name. His teacher asked him to go and look for anew name.

On the way, he met a poor sweeper. Her name was Dhanalakshmi which, means Goddess of Wealth. Then he went on and soon met a thief. His name was Dharma Das that is one who does good deeds.

Then he met an illiterate boy whose name was Vidhya Das which means Disciple of knowledge.

Papak walked on and reached a village. He walked on and passed by a cremation ground. Some people were gathered there. He enquired and found out that a man had died. His name was Amar Singh which meant immortal lion.

Then Papak thought, "Oh! He died even though he was called Amar."

A man standing nearby said, "What's in a name? A name is merely used to address you. It's what you do, your deeds and your actions that counts. That is what makes your character and not the name you have.

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