What is the difference between Bar and Bare and Bear?

What is the difference between Bar and Bare and Bear? :

Bar :

1 ) Obstruct something so as to prevent progress

Poverty bars the way to progress.

Soldiers barred the road so we had to turn back.

2 ) Prevent someone from using or doing something

She was barred from entering the competition because of her age.

Bare : (verb)

1 ) Reveal, uncover something

She bared her chest.

Bare : (adjective)

1 ) Without covering or protection

He goes out generally with his bare head.

Bear :

1 ) Show something – display – carry visibly

The document does not bear my signature.

She bears much resemblance to her mother.

The title of the essay bears little relation to the content.

2 ) Carry someone / something especially while moving

He was bearing a heavy load.

3 ) Sustain, support someone / something

The ice is too thin to bear your weight.

4 ) Shoulder, take responsibilities on oneself

Who will bear the cost your wedding?

You have to bear the blame.

She bears her responsibilities lightly.

5 ) Endure something – tolerate – stand

I cannot bear to be laughed at.

She bore her sorrow without complaint.

The pain was almost more than he could bear.

6 ) Be fit for something – allow

The plan will not bear close inspection.

His sufferings do not bear thinking about.

Her joke does not bear repeating.

7 ) Keep feelings in the mind

She bears a grudge against me.

He bore her no ill will.

8 ) Move, behave or conduct oneself in a specified way

He bears himself like a soldier.

He bore himself with dignity at a difficult time.

9 ) Give birth to someone

She has borne him seven daughters.

My daughter has given birth to a girl-child.

10 ) Produce something – yield

The tree is bearing pink blossoms.

His efforts bore no results.

11 ) Go and turn in the specified direction

This road bears to the west.

When you get to the park, bear to the right.

12 ) Be known by something – have

A married woman usually bears her husband’s surname.

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