What is the difference between Base and Basis?

What is the difference between Base and Basis? :

Base : (noun)

1 ) Lowest part of something

Where was the base of the pillar?

2 ) Starting point – underlying principle

Padma used her family’s history as a base for her novel.

His arguments had a sound economic base.

Base : (adjective)

1 ) Dishonorable – despicable

He was acting from base motives.

2 ) Not pure

It is a base coin.

3 ) Low in value

We do not use base metals.

Base : (verb)

1 ) Use something as grounds, evidence for something else

My novel is based on historical facts.

Direct Taxation is usually based on income.

2 ) Provide someone with a base or center to work

Where are you based now?

I am based at New York.

Most of our staff is based in Chennai.

Basis :

1 ) Foundation – main principle that underlies something

Her arguments have a firm basis.

Rates of work are calculated on a weekly basis.

2 ) Starting point for a discussion

No basis for negotiation has been agreed upon.

This agenda will form the basis of our next meeting.

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