What is the difference between Batter and Better?

What is the difference between Batter and Better? :

Batter : (verb)

1 ) Hit something / someone hard and often

He kept battering at the door.

Batter : (noun)

1 ) Beaten mixture of flour, eggs, milk, etc… for cooking

She is fond of fish fried in batter.

Better : (adjective)

1 ) Of a more excellent or desirable kind

She resolved to lead a better life in the future.

He is a better man than you.

Life was difficult then. But things have got better and better over the years.

2 ) Of more precise or suitable kind

Having talked to the witnesses, I now have a better idea of what happened.

Can not think of a better word than NICE to describe your holiday?

3 ) Partly or fully recovered from an illness

The patient is much better today.

Her ankle is getting better.

Better : (noun)

1 ) Denoted that which is better

I had hoped for better.

I expected better of you.

Better : (adverb)

1 ) In a more pleasant, efficient or desirable way

She sings better than you.

You would write better if you had a good pen.

2 ) To a greater degree, more

I like him better than I like her.

You would like it better when you understand it more.

The better I know her, the more I admire her.

3 ) More usefully

Her advice is better ignored.

If the roads are icy, you would be better advised to delay your departure.

Better : (verb)

1 ) Surpass

This achievement can not be bettered.

2 ) Improve something

The Government hopes to better the conditions nof the workers.

3 ) Get a better social position or status

You should always try your best to better yourself.

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