What is the difference between Battle and War?

What is the difference between Battle and War? :

Battle :

1 ) A combat between organized armed forces

Who bought the battle of Panipat?

2 ) Any contest or struggle

There was a battle of words between them.

His whole life was a constant battle against abject poverty.

War :

1 ) State of fighting between nations or groups within a nation using military forces

The border incident let to war between the two neighboring nations.

The government wanted to avoid a civil war at all costs.’

2 ) Instance or period of such fighting

I had fought in two wars.

I had been a student in London during the Second World War.

3 ) Competition, conflict or hostility between people, groups

There was a state of war between the rivals.

4 ) Efforts made to eliminate disease, crime, and so on

It is a major step in the war against cancer.

The Country had to fight a constant war against polio.

5 ) Campaign of verbal abuse

As the election approaches, the war of words between the main political parties becomes increasingly intense.

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