What is the difference between Beat and Beet and Bit?

What is the difference between Beat and Beet and Bit? :

Beat : (verb)

1 ) Hit somebody / something repeatedly

Somebody was beating at the door.

Who is beating the door?

2 ) Reduce someone to a specified state by hitting repeatedly

The police beat the prisoner unconscious.

3 ) Expand and contract rhythmically especially the heart

He is alive. His heart is still beating.

4 ) Defeat someone – win against someone – do better than someone

Your team was easily beaten.

5 ) Be better than something – defeat

Nothing beats home cooking.

The government’s main aim is to beat inflation.

Beat : (noun)

1 ) Stroke or regular sequence of strokes

We heard the beat of the drum.

2 ) Emphasis repeated regularly, making rhythm in music or poetry

The song has a good beat.

3 ) Route along which someone goes regularly, allocated to a policeman or a watchman

The Policeman is out on his beat.

Beet :

1 ) Type of plant with a fleshy root which is used as a vegetable or for making sugar

Do you use beet as a vegetable?

Can you make sugar from beet?

Bit :

1 ) Small piece or amount of something

I gave a bit of sound advice.

2 ) Slightly – rather

These trousers are a bit tight.

3 ) Short time or distance

Wait a bit.

Move up a bit.

4 ) Metal part of a bridle put in a horse’s mouth as a way of controlling it

Bit of the bridle helps keep nurse under control.

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