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What is the difference between Beside and Besides?

What is the difference between Beside and Besides? :

Beside :

1 ) At the side of somebody / something, next to

She sat beside me.

I keep a dictionary beside me when I am writing.

2 ) Compared with someone / something

Beside your earlier work, this piece seems rather disappointing.

You are quite tall beside your brother.

3 ) Having lost one’s self-control because of the intensity of the emotions one is feeling

He was beside himself with joy.

Besides :

1 ) It addition to someone / something

There will be four of us for dinner besides Malathi.

The play was badly acted besides being far too long.

2 ) Apart from – except

No one writes to me besides you.

She has no relatives besides an aged aunt.

Besides : (adverb)

1 ) In addition to

He is my youngest child and I have three others besides.

I do not like that new dictionary besides it is too expensive.

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