What is the difference between Bland and Blend?

What is the difference between Bland and Blend? :

Bland :

1 ) Gentler or casual in manner


Showing no sign

Strong emotions

Do you like his bland nature?

Do not look bland. Show your emotions.

Bland appearances will spoil your carrier in film industry.

2 ) Tasteless

Very mild in flavor

He eats only bland food because of his ulcer.

3 ) Uninteresting

Without striking features

He has a bland appearance.

Blend :

1 ) Mix

Form a mixture

Oil does not blend with water.

Blend oil and flour to make delicious dishes.

2 ) Look or sound good together

Combine with something in a harmonious way

Their voices blend well.

Those cottages blend perfectly with the landscape.

3 ) Shade gradually into each other

The sea and the sky seemed to blend into each other.

4 ) Mix different types of something in order to get a certain quality

I dislike blended tea.

The blended rice will not get takers.

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