What is the difference between Bloc and Block?

What is the difference between Bloc and Block? :

Bloc :

( 1 ) Group of countries or parties united by a common interest

India is not in favour of joining and power bloc.

Many Political Parties have joined to form a bloc.

Block : (noun)

( 1 ) Large solid piece of wood, stone, metal, etc…usually with flat surfaces

It is a block of concrete.

( 2 ) Large building divided into separate flats or offices

There are many blocks of flats in this city.

( 3 ) Group of buildings bounded by street on four sides

Let us go for a walk round the block.

( 4 ) Length of one side of such building

She lives four blocks away from here.

( 5 ) Large quantity of things regarded as a single unit

They occupied a block of six seats in the theatre.

( 6 ) Piece of wood or metal with designs engraved on it for printing

Block making was invented in China.

( 7 ) Obstacle


The Government’s stubborn attitude was a block to further talks.

Block : (verb)

( 1 ) Make movement or flow difficult or impossible on or in something

Obstruct something

A large crowd blocked the corridors and exits.

My nose is blocked up.

( 2 ) Prevent someone / something from moving or progressing



The accident blocked traffic in the town centers.

The low-marks blocked him from entering Medicine.

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