What is the difference between Boar and Bore and Boor?

What is the difference between Boar and Bore and Boor? :

Boar :

1 ) Male wild pig

You are not allowed to hunt boars in this forest.

Be careful with boar since it is dangerous animal.

Bore : (noun)

1 ) Persons or things that is tiresome or nuisance

She has become an awful bore since she got married.

Do not be such a bore.

We have run out of petrol. What a bore!

2 ) Deep hole made in the ground to find water or oil

We have created a bore in our garden.

3 ) Hollow part inside a gun barrel

He has bought a twelve-bore shotgun.

4 ) High tidal wave that moves along a narrow estuary from the sea

Be careful when you swim in this area of sea. Because this area is full of bores.

Bore : (verb)

1 ) Make someone feel tired and uninterested by being dull or tedious

I have heard all his stories before. They bore me.

I hope you are not getting bored by my conversation.

2 ) Make a hole, well, tunnel, etc… with a revolving tool by digging

This drill can bore through rock.

Let him bore a hole in the wood.

3 ) Move by burrowing

The mole bored its way underground.

Boor :

1 ) Rough, rude or insensitive person

She says you are a boor.

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