What is the difference between Boarder and Border?

What is the difference between Boarder and Border? :

Boarder :

1 ) Person who boards at someone’s house

This feast is meant for boarders only.

2 ) Pupil who lives at a boarding-school during the term

The school has 450 boarders and 200 day pupils.

Border : (noun)

1 ) Frontier

Line dividing two countries or areas

The dacoits escaped across the border.

There were some border incidents in the recent past.

2 ) Band or strip usually ornamental around or along the edge of something

Let me see the border of the photographs.

I bought a tablecloth with an embroidered border.

3 ) Strip of ground along the edge’s of a lawn or path for planting flowers or shrubs

We have run around the border of the lawn.

Border : (verb)

1 ) Be a border to something

Be on the border of something

Our garden is bordered on one side by a canal.

Tell the names of the countries that border India.

2 ) Put a border on something

His handkerchief is bordered with lace.

3 ) Be next to something

Adjoin something

The new shopping center borders on the national highway.

4 ) Be almost the same as something

Verge on something

Your reply to her question was bordering on rudeness.

Our task borders on the impossible.

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