What is the difference between Bog and Bug?

What is the difference between Bog and Bug? :

Bog : (adjective)

1 ) Area of wet spongy ground formed of decaying vegetation

Let us keep to the path. Parts of the moor are bog.

Bog : (verb)

1 ) Cause something to sink into mud or wet ground

The tank got bogged down in the mud.

2 ) Cause something to become stuck and unable to make progress

Our discussion got bogged down in irrelevant detail.

Bug : (noun)

1 ) Small flat foul-smelling insect infesting dirty houses and beds

Outside our house is full of bugs.

2 ) Illness caused by a germ or infectious virus

He thinks he had caught a bug.

3 ) Obsessive interest

He was never interested in cooking before. But now he has been bitten by a bug.

4 ) Defect in a machine

There is a bug in the system.

5 ) Small hidden microphone placed so that conservations can be heard at a distance

He searched the rooms for bugs.

We planted a bug in the house of our rival.

Our intelligence services planted a bug in that foreign embassy.

Bug : (verb)

1 ) Fit a room, telephone, etc…with a hidden microphone for listening to conversations

This office is bugged.

2 ) Listen to conversations, etc… with a hidden microphone

Be careful with what you say…. may be our conversations are being bugged.

3 ) Annoy someone


Tell me what is bugging you.

That girl is really bugging me.

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