What is the difference between Brake and Break?

What is the difference between Brake and Break? :

Brake : (noun)

1 ) Device for reducing the speed of or stopping a car or bus or train or cycle

He applied the brakes to avoid an accident.

His brakes failed on a steep hill

2 ) Ignorance acts as a brake to progress.

The government is determined to put a brake on public spending.

Brake : (verb)

1 ) Slow down using a brake

The driver braked hard as the child ran onto the road in front of him.

Break : (verb)

1 ) Separate into two or more parts as a result of force or strain (but not by cutting)

She dropped the plate and it broke into pieces.

2 ) Cause a whole object to do this

He broke a cup.

She fell of a ladder and broke her arm.

3 ) Fail to observe a law


Not obey or follow something

You should not break the law.

He was breaking the speed limit.

4 ) Stop doing something for a while


Let us break for tea.

5 ) Interrupt – destroy the continuity of something

Do not break my concentration.

We broke our journey to Kolkata at Patna.

6 ) Cause something to end

She broke the silence by coughing.

7 ) Bring something to an end by force

We had to break the blockade.

8 ) Change suddenly after a settled period

The fine weather broke at last.

9 ) Disperse – show an opening

The clouds broke and the sun came out.

10 ) Come into existence

Dawn was breaking.

11 ) Begin suddenly and violently

The storm broke.

12 ) Become known – be revealed

There was a public outcry when the scandal broke.

13 ) Weaken or destroy

We broke their morale.

Break the power of the trade unions.

The scandal broke him.

14 ) Become weak or be destroyed

The thief broke under questioning and confessed everything.

15 ) Overwhelm someone with strong emotions

The death of his wife broke him completely.

16 ) Change tone because of emotions

Her voice broke as she told the dreadful news.

17 ) Do better than or surpass a record.

Rajiv Devi broke the Olympic 100 meters record.

18 ) Curl and fall in waves

The sound of waves was breaking on the beach.

The sea was breaking over the wretched ship.

19 ) Solve – decipher

Can you break the code?

Break : (noun)

1 ) Broken place

Opening made by breaking

There was a break in the wall.

2 ) Gap


There was a break in the clouds.

Wait for a break in the traffic before crossing the road.

3 ) Interval between periods of work


I work for four hours without a break.

She took an hour’s break for lunch.

4 ) Change or interruption in something continuous

There was a break in her education.

5 ) Discontinuation or end of a relationship

She has been depressed since the break with her boyfriend.

There was abreak in diplomatic relationship between the two countries.

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