What is the difference between Brash and Brush?

What is the difference between Brash and Brush? :

Brash :

1 ) Confident in a rude or aggressive way

Impudently self-assertive

Her brash answer annoyed the interviewers.

2 ) Garish and showy

Children are fond of wearing brash cloths.

Brush : (noun)

1 ) Implement with bristles of hair, wire, nylon, etc…set in a block of wood, etc…and used for scrubbing, sweeping

I need a hair brush.

2 ) Act of brushing

He gave his cloths a good brush.

3 ) Light touch made in passing

He knocked a glass off the table with a brush of his coat.

4 ) Short unfriendly encounter with someone – quarrel

He had a brush with the police in the recent past.

She has a nasty brush with her boss this afternoon.

Brush : (verb)

1 ) Use brush on someone / something


Polish and make tidy or smooth with a brush

You should brush your teen every morning.

2 ) Put something into a particular state with a brush

Brush your teeth clean.

3 ) Touch someone lightly in passing

Did you brush her cheek?

His hand brushed hers.

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