What is the difference between Breeze and Bridge?

What is the difference between Breeze and Bridge?

Breeze : (noun)

1 ) Light wind

A gentle breeze was blowing.

There is not much breeze today.

2 ) Thing that is easy to do or enjoy

Some people think that learning to drive is a breeze.

3 ) Noisy quarrel

There was a breeze among the people.

Breeze : (verb)

1 ) Move in cheerful and carefree way

Look who has just breezed in.

He breezes through life, never worrying about anything.

Bridge :

1 ) Structure of wood, iron, concrete, etc… providing a way across a river, road, railway, etc…

There is a bridge across the river.

2 ) Thing that provides a connection or contract between two or more things

Cultural exchanges are a way of building bridges between nations.

3 ) Bony upper part of the nose

The bridge of my nose was damaged in this accident.

4 ) Part of a pair of glasses that rests on the nose

The nose-bridge of my specs should be replaced.

5 ) Device for keeping false teeth in place Fastened to natural teeth on each side

Bridge : (verb)

1 ) Build or form a bridge over something

People bridged the canal.

2 ) Fill an awkward or empty space

A snack in the afternoon bridges the gap between lunch and supper.

She bridged a gap in the conversation.

3 ) Reduce the distance between widely contrasting groups

How can we bridge the gap between the rich and poor?

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