What is the difference between Brethren and Brothers?

What is the difference between Brethren and Brothers? :


1 ) Plural form of brothers when brother refers to a member of certain evangelical Christian sects, a religious order, especially a monk

Brother Luke will address the audience.

The brethren hold a prayer meeting every Friday.

2 ) BRETHREN is in the plural number. It is old use for brothers.

BRETHREN is in general used to mean members of the same society.

3 ) It is in the large interest of the nation that Muslims live peacefully with their Hindu Brethren.

Brothers :

1 ) Plural form of brother when brother refers to man or boy having the same parents as another person

She has three brothers.

Lohit and Rohit are real brothers.

We are like brothers.

2 ) Person united with others by belonging to the same group, society, profession and so on

We are all brothers in the same fight against corruption.

She was greatly respected by her brother doctors.

3 ) It should be remembered that in expressions like brother doctors, only doctor would be in the plural form. Brothers Doctors and brothers Doctor would be wrong.

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