What is the difference between Broad and Brood?

What is the difference between Broad and Brood? :

Broad :

1 ) Wide, large in size from one side to the other

He is tall, broad and muscular.

There is a broad street ahead.

He has broad shoulders.

2 ) From side to side, in breadth

Have you seen a river two hundred metres broad?

3 ) Covering a wide area, extensive

There is a broad expanse of water behind the airport.

There is broad support for the government policies.

4 ) Clear, obvious, unmistakable

She gave me a broad cheerful smile.

He always speaks with a broad smile on his face.

The minister gave a broad hint that he intends to raise taxes.

5 ) General, not detailed

What is the broad outline of your plan?

The negotiators reached broad agreement on the main issues.

She is feminist in the broadest sense of the term.

6 ) Tolerant, liberal

He is a man of broad views.

7 ) Indecent, coarse

She detests your broad humor.

Brood : (noun)

1 ) All the young birds (or other animals) produced at one hatching or birth

It is lovely to see a hen with her brood of chicks.

Brood : (verb)

1 ) Sit on eggs to hatch them

The hen is brooding the eggs.

2 ) Think about something for a long time in a troubled or resentful way

Do not brood over the past.

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