What is the difference between Bust and Vast?

What is the difference between Bust and Vast? :

Bust : (noun)

( 1 ) Sculpture of a person’s head, shoulders and chest

Woman’s breast, bosom

A woman’s bust is her bosom.

( 2 ) Measurement round a woman’s chest and back

May I know your bust size, Madam?

Bust : (verb)

( 1 ) Break something, smash

I dropped my camera on the pavement and bust it.

( 2 ) Raid a house or arrest someone

He has been busted for drugs.

( 3 ) Reduce someone to a lower military rank, demote

He was busted for being absent without leave.

Vast :

( 1 ) Very large in area, size, quantity or degree, immense

His business empire was truly vast.

I incurred a vast expense in constructing this house.

There was a vast crowd at the Ramlila Ground.

( 2 ) Very great

He has inherited a vast fortune.

I had to spend a vast sum of money to decorate the office rooms and the conference hall.

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