What is the difference between But and Butt?

What is the difference between But and Butt? :

But :

1 ) On the contrary

He does not like music but his wife does.

She tried to do it but he could not.

2 ) However, yet, in spite of this

He cut his knee badly but did not cry.

This restaurant serves cheap but excellent foods.

He is hard-working, but not very clever.

3 ) Yet also, at the same time

He was tired but happy after the long walk.

But : (adverb)

1 ) Only

He is but a boy.

She left but an hour ago.

We can but try.

It I had but known that she was ill, I would have visited her.

2 ) BUT as a preposition means EXCEPT, APART FROM and OTHER THAN.

3 ) The problem is anything but easy.

Everyone was there but him.

Nothing but trouble will come of this plan.

4 ) BUT as relative pronoun means WHO / THAT DO / DOES NOT.

There is no man but feels pity for the poor.

There is not one of us but wishes to help her.

BUTT : (noun)

1 ) Thicker end of a tool or weapon

It is a rifle butt.

2 ) Short piece at the end of a cigar or cigarette that is left when it has been smoked, stub

The ashtray is full of butts.

3 ) Person or thing that is often mocked or teased

He is the butt of everyone’s jokes.

You are the butt of the whole college.

4 ) Mound of the earth behind the targets on a shooting range

5 ) Large cask or barrel for storing wine or beer

6 ) Large barrel for collecting rain water

7 ) Buttocks, bottom

Gets off your butts and do some work.

Butt : (verb)

1 ) Hit or push someone / something with the head (like a goat)

Do not butt her in the stomach.

2 ) Hit one’s head on something

He butted his head against the shelf as he was getting up.

3 ) Interrupt someone / something or interfere in something

May I butt in on your conversation?

Do not butt in like that when I am speaking.

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