What is the difference between Buy and Vie?

What is the difference between Buy and Vie? :

BUY : (verb)

( 1 ) Purchase

Where did you buy that coat?

Did you buy your car new or second-hand?

( 2 ) Be the means of obtaining something

Money cannot buy happiness.

A sum of hundred rupees today buys much less than it did a year ago.

( 3 ) Obtain something by a sacrifice

His fame was bought at the expense of health and happiness.

( 4 ) Accept something as valid


No one will buy that excuse.

( 5 ) Bribe someone

You cannot buy me.

He cannot be bought.

BUY : (noun)

( 1 ) Act of buying something

Thing bought

Best buys of the week are carrots and cabbages which are plentiful and cheap.


( 1 ) Compete keenly with someone for something

Rival someone for something

( 2 ) The two girls vie with each other for the first place.

Businesses vied with each other to attract customers.

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