What is the difference between Carry and Curry?

What is the difference between Carry and Curry? :

Carry : (verb)

1 ) Support weight of something / someone and take him / her/ it from place to place

The train carries hundreds of commuters to and from works.

She carried her baby in her arms.

2 ) Contain and direct flow of, take, conduct

The veins carry blood to the heart.

3 ) Have something with

Ten policemen carried guns.

I never carry much money with me.

4 ) Support the weight of something

These pillars carry the weight of the roof.

A road bridge has to carry a lot of traffic.

5 ) Possess

His voice carries the ring of authority.

6 ) Have something as a result



Power carries great responsibilities.

Crimes of violence carry heavy penalties.

7 ) Take something to specified point of direction

The war was carried into enemy territory.

His ability carried him to the top of his profession.

She carries modesty to extremes.

8 ) Approve something by majority of votes

The resolution caw carried by 304 votes to 201.

9 ) Win the support or sympathy of someone

His moving speech was enough to carry the audience.

10 ) Hold or move one’s head or body in a specified way

She carries herself well.

11 ) Of newspapers or broadcast

Include something in its content


Today’s newspapers carry full report of the President’s Visit.

Curry : (noun)

1 ) Dish of vegetables, etc…cooked with certain hot-tasting spices

Do not eat too much curry.

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