What is the difference between Cast and Caste?

What is the difference between Cast and Caste? :

Cast : (noun)

1 ) Act of throwing something

Make a cast with a net.

2 ) Object made by pouring or pressing soft material into a mould

This ice cream cat is very small.

3 ) All the actors in a play or a film

This is a film with a distinguished cast.

4 ) Type of something

She has an unusual cast of mind.

5 ) Slight squint

He has a cast in one eye.

Cast : (verb)

1 ) Throw something with force

He cast a stone into the water.

2 ) Turn or send something in a particular direction


He cast q furtive glance at her.

The tree cast a long shadow on the grass.

The tragedy cast a shadow on their lives.

3 ) Make an object

The novel is cast in the form of the diary.

4 ) Choose actors to play parts in a play, etc…

We are casting next week.

5 ) Give someone a part in a play, etc…

Alok was cast as a husband in the play.

6 ) Make damaging or derogatory remarks about someone / something

Do not cast aspersions on her characters.

7 ) Give a vote

Please cast your vote in my favor.

8 ) Abandon or reject someone / something

She has cast off four boyfriends in a month.

Caste : (noun)

1 ) Any of the hereditary social classes

He is a Brahmin by caste.

Are you in favor of the caste system?

2 ) Any exclusive social class

The highest caste is Brahmin.

3 ) Social systems baded on rigid distinctions of birth, rank, wealth, and so on…

Do not judge a man by his caste.

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