What is the difference between Cause and Reason?

What is the difference between Cause and Reason? :

Cause : (noun)

1 ) That which produces an effect, thing, event, person, etc…make something happen

What was the cause of the fire?

Smoking is one of the causes of heart disease.

2 ) Aim, principle or movement that is strongly defended or supported

His life was devoted to the cause of justice.

Cause : (verb)

1 ) Make happen

Be a cause of something

Smoking can cause lung cancer.

She is always causing trouble for people.

The cold weather caused the plants to die.

Reason : (noun)

1 ) Motive or justification for something

Give me the reason for your going.

He has adequate reason for doing so.

2 ) Power of the mind to think, understand, form opinion, etc…

Only man has reason.

3 ) What is right or practical or possible

Common sense


There is a good deal of reason in what you say.

4 ) CAUSE of something is what makes something happen.

The police are investigating the cause of the explosion.

5 ) REASON for something has a wider use. It can be the explanation that people give for why something is done.

6 ) What was the reason for his resignation?

She did not give any reason for leaving.

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