What is the difference between Cite and Sight and Site?

What is the difference between Cite and Sight and Site? :

Cite : (verb)

( 1 ) Quote, speak or write words taken from a passage, a book, an author, etc…

She cited a verse from a poem by Tagore.

( 2 ) Mention something as an example or to support an argument, refer to

He cited many examples in support of his argument.

I cited the high unemployment figures as evidence of the failure of governmental policy.

( 3 ) Officially commend especially a soldier for bravery


He was cited in dispatches.

( 4 ) Summon someone to appear in a court of law

She is the woman who was cited in his divorce action.

Sight : (noun)

( 1 ) Ability to see


He has a very good sight.

Some drugs can affect your sight.

( 2 ) Action of seeing something / someone

When can I have a sight of your new house?

( 3 ) Range within which someone can see or something can be seen

The train is still in sight.

The car was out of sight behind the house.

( 4 ) Things to be seen or worth seeing especially something remarkable

The flowers are a lovely sight in spring.

A suffering animal is a distressing sight.

( 5 ) Person or thing that looks ridiculous, untidy, etc…

What a sight you look in those old clothes?

In this sentence, the word SIGHT should be preceded by the indefinite article A.

Site : (noun)

( 1 ) Place where a building, town, etc…was / is / will be situated

This is a site for a new college for girls.

Deliver the material to the building site.

( 2 ) Place where something has happened or will happen or for a particular activity

Rescue workers rushed to the site of the plane crash.

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