What is the difference between Cold and Cool?

What is the difference between Cold and Cool? :

Cold : (adjective)

1 ) Of low temperature when compared to the temperature on the human body

Do you feel cold?

The weather is getting cold.

2 ) Without friendliness, kindness or enthusiasm

Without emotion

She gave me a cold welcome.

Cold : (Noun)

1 ) Lack of heat or warmth

Low temperature

He was shivering with cold.

Do not stand outside in the cold.

She does not seem to feel cold.

2 ) Infectious illness of the nose or throat or both with sneezing, coughing, etc…

As he had a cold, he could not attend the meeting.

Cool : (adjective)

1 ) Fairly cold

Not hot or warm

Between warm and cold

Let us sit in the shade and keep cool.

The tea is not cool enough to drink.

2 ) Calm Unexcited Champa always remains cool and calm and collected in a crisis.

He was always cool in the face of danger.

Do you have a cool head?

3 ) Not showing interest, enthusiasm and friendliness

She was totally cool about my proposal.

They gave the Prime Minister a cool reception.

4 ) Calmly bold or impudent

You should have seen the cool way she took my radio without even asking.

5 ) Of sums of money, distances, etc…

My new car cost me a cool seventy thousand rupees.

She suggested that we should walk a cool four miles farther.

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