What is the difference between Far and Fur?

What is the difference between Far and Fur? :

Far : (adjective)

1 ) Distant

Do not journey into far regions?

2 ) More remote

His house is at the far end of the road.

Far : (adverb)

1 ) At or to a great distance

How far is it to Meerut from here?

How far have we walked?

2 ) By a great distance

I shall go far beyond this bridge.

  • ( 3 ) A long way

    We danced far into the night.

    ( 4 ) To a great extent

    He lives far beyond his means.

    ( 5 ) Considerably, very much

    He runs far faster than his brother.

    ( 6 ) To the place mentioned but no further

    I have read as far as the fourth chapter.

    I shall walk with you as far as the airport.

    Fur : (noun)

    ( 1 ) Soft thick hair covering bodies of certain animals

    This is a coat made of fur.

  • ( 2 ) Garment made of fur

    I have her an expensive fur for her birthday.

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