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What is the difference between Fat and Fate?

What is the difference between Fat and Fate? :

Fat : (adjective)

1 ) Large in size

That grocer is a fat man.

2 ) Large in quantity

He has a fat income.

I gave her a nice fat cheque.

Fat : (noun)

1 ) White or yellow greasy substance in animal bodies under the skin

This goat has too much fat on it.

2 ) Oily substance found in certain seeds

The fat in the groundnut-seeds is not good for your health.

Fate : (noun)

1 ) Power believes to control all events in a way that can not be resisted


He had hoped to become President. But fate decided otherwise.

2 ) Person’s destiny or future

I am resigned to my fate.

3 ) Death or destruction

He met his fate bravely.

Fate : (verb)

1 ) Destiny

He was fated to die in abject poverty.

It was fated that he would fail.

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