What is the difference between Feat and Feet and Fit?

What is the difference between Feat and Feet and Fit? :

Feat :

1 ) Successful completion of something needing skill, strength or courage

He showed brilliant feats of valor.

The bridge is a feat of engineering.

Feet : (noun)

1 ) The plural form of FOOT

Lowest part of leg below the ankle

He rose to his feet.

2 ) Measure of length

12 inches

They are flying at 20,000 feet.

Fit : (adjective)

1 ) Suitable or suited for someone / something

Well adopted for something / someone

Good enough for something / someone

India is a land fit for the heroes to live in.

The food was not fit to eat.

2 ) In good health

He has been ill and is not fit for work yet.

3 ) Suitable and right

You are not fit for position.

Decide and choose

Do as you think fit.

The newspaper did not see fit to publish my letters.

Fit : (noun)

1 ) Sudden attack of epilepsy or other disease with violent movements and loss of consciousness

He suffered an epileptic fit.

2 ) Sudden attach of a minor illness

He had a fit of coughing.

3 ) Sudden burst of laughter, activity, etc…

We were all in a fits of laughter at her jokes.

4 ) Short period of an intense feeling

He slapped her in a fit of anger.

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