What is the difference between HARRY and HURRY?

What is the difference between HARRY and HURRY? :

Harry : (verb)

1 ) Annoy someone with repeated requests, questions, etc…


I was harried by press reporters wanting a story.

He set to work harrying people for donations.

2 ) Raid and plunder repeatedly

Dacoits harried that village.

Hurry : (noun)

1 ) Need or wish to get something done quickly

Eager haste

What is the hurry? Stay for a little longer.

In his hurry to leave, he forgot his passport.

There is no hurry. So do it slowly and carefully.

Hurry : (verb)

1 ) Rush do something or move quickly

Do not hurry. There is plenty of time.

It is no use trying to make her hurry.

2 ) Make someone to something or move quickly

We are late. I must hurry you.

They hurried her into the hospital.

I was hurried into making an unwise decision.

3 ) Hasten the process of something

A good meal should never be hurried.

4 ) Do something quickly

Hurry up and get ready. We are waiting.

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