What is the difference between Heat and Hit?

What is the difference between Heat and Hit? :

Heat : (noun)

1 ) Hotness

High temperature

Feel the heat of the sun’s rays.

This fire does not give out much heat.

2 ) Hot weather

Never go out in the heart of the rays.

He was suffering from the heat.

3 ) Intense feeling of anger or excitement

He spoke with considerable heat.

I abused him in the heat of the argument.

That topic generated a lot of heat.

Hit : (verb)

1 ) Strike someone / something with a blow, etc…

She hit me on the head with a book.

2 ) Come against someone / something with a force

The lorry hit the lamp-post with a crash.

3 ) Have bad or sudden effects on, affect, cause to suffer

The rent increase will hit the poor.

4 ) Encounter, experience something

If you go now, you are likely to hit the rush-hour.

Hit : (noun)

1 ) Person or thing that is very popular


He is a hit with young women.

His new film is quite hit.

2 ) Make a very favorable impression on someone

He has made a quite a hit with her.

3 ) Act of hitting, blow or stroke

That was a clever hit.

4 ) Sarcastic commend made to or about someone

That last remark was a hit at you.

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