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What is the difference between Hop and Hope?

What is the difference between Hop and Hope? :

Hop : (verb)

1 ) Move by jumping on one foot

Do you know how to hop?

2 ) Move by jumping with both or all feet together

Several frogs were hopping about on the lawn.

Hop : (noun)

1 ) Act of hopping

2 ) Short hop

3 ) Short flight or one stage in a long distance flight

We flew from Kolkata to Delhi in one hop.

4 ) Informal dance party

Are you coming to the hop tonight?

5 ) A climbing plant with flowers growing in clusters - dried flowers of this plant is used for giving bitter flavor to beer.

Hope : (noun)

1 ) Desire for something to happen, combined with the expectation that it will

I have pinned all my hopes on her.

Do not give up hope yet.

2 ) Person or thing or circumstance that encourages hope

You are my last hope. If you can not help, I am ruined.

Hope : (verb)

1 ) Desire or expect something or feel confident about something

I have not heard from him for weeks but I am still hoping for a letter.

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