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What is the difference between Label and Level?

What is the difference between Label and Level? :

Label : (noun)

1 ) Piece of paper, cloth, metal, etc…on or beside an abject and describing its nature, name, owner, destination, etc…

2 ) Descriptive word or phrase applied to a person, group, etc…

I am not willing to accept the label of anarchist.

Label : (verb)

1 ) Describe or clarify something / someone

His work is difficult to label accurately.

He was not going to be labeled mad.

His behavior is labeled deviant.

2 ) Put a label on something

This is a machine for labeling milk bottles.

Level : (noun)

1 ) Line or surface parallel to the horizon

Such a surface with reference to its height

This place is 1000 metres above the sea level.

The water rose until it was on a level with the river banks.

2 ) Position on a scale of quantity, strength, value, etc…

What is the level of alcohol in blood?

Levels of unemployment vary from region to region.

3 ) Relative position in rank, class, authority, etc…

There were discussions about budget proposals at the Cabinet level.

I always take part in high-level negotiations.

Level : (adjective)

1 ) Flat, not sloping

Find level ground for the table.

Add one level tablespoon of sugar.

2 ) Of the same height, standard or position on a scale

The two pictures are not quite level that one is higher than the other.

Level : (verb)

1 ) Make something level, equal, uniform, etc…

Steps should be taken to level social differences.

2 ) Demolish

the town was leveled by an earthquake.

3 ) Aim a gun

The hostage had a rifle leveled at his head.

4 ) Bring a charge against someone

People leveled criticism at the government.

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