What is the difference between Lark and Lurk?

What is the difference between Lark and Lurk? :

Lark : (noun)

1 ) Bit of adventurous fun

The boys did not mean any harm. They were only having a lark.

They stole the car for a lark. But now they are in trouble.

2 ) Unpleasant or irritating type of activity

I do not much like queuing lark.

3 ) Any of several small songbirds especially skylark

Do you have a lark?

The lark is singing the melodious tune.

Lark : (verb)

1 ) Behave playfully or irresponsibly

It is against your own interest to lark about.

Lurk : (verb)

1 ) Be or stay behind

Somebody is lurking in the bushes.

A suspicious looking man is lurking in the shadows.

2 ) Wait near a place trying not to attract attention

He is usually lurking somewhere near the restaurant.

3 ) Linger in the mind without being clearly shown

I have a lurking suspicion that he belongs to a very notorious gang.

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