What is the difference between Lead and Lid?

What is the difference between Lead and Lid? :

Lead : (noun)

1 ) Example, guidance given by going first or in the front

He is the chief trouble-maker. The others just follow his lead.

2 ) First place or position

I took the lead from him.

3 ) Principal part in a play

Person who plays this role / this part

He plays the lead in the new East West Hit.

4 ) Piece of information or evidence that might provide the solution to a problem, clue

The police are investigating an important new lead.

Lead : (verb)

1 ) Show the way

He led the guest to his room.

2 ) Guide

Let him lead the blind man across the street.

3 ) Influence actions or opinions of someone

What led you to this conclusion?

Do not be led astray by him.

Lid : (noun)

1 ) Hinged or removable cover for a box, pot, etc…

Where is the lid of the box?

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