What is the difference between Leave and Live?

What is the difference between Leave and Live? :

Leave : (verb)

1 ) Go away from

Leave this at once.

I am leaving for Paris next week.

2 ) Cease to live at a place, work for an employee, etc…

My secretary has threatened to leave.

Many children leave school at 16.

3 ) Allow someone / something to remain

Leave the door open.

Do not leave her waiting outside in the rain.

4 ) Neglect or fail to take or bring something

He has left his gloves on the bus.

5 ) Cause something to remain as a result

The accident left a scar on her leg.

6 ) Hand over something and then go away

Did the postman leave anything?

Someone left this note for you.

7 ) Entrust something to another person

You can leave the cooking to me.

8 ) Have someone remaining alive

He leaves a widow and two children.

Leave : (noun)

1 ) Time absent from duty or work

She was granted 90 days maternity leave.

I was on ten day’s sick leave.

2 ) Official permission to be absent

He was given leave to visit his mother.

3 ) Permission

She has my leave to see him.

Live : (verb)

1 ) Remain alive

He is not likely to live through the night.

How long do elephants live?

2 ) Reside

Where do you live?

He lives abroad.

3 ) Survive

Remain in existence

The memory will live in my heart for ever.

Live : (adjective)

1 ) Having life

There are five live fish.

2 ) Actual

Not pretended

We saw real live lion.

3 ) Burning

Do not touch the live coals.

4 ) Not yet exploded or lit

That is a live bomb.

The soldiers have several rounds of live ammunition.

5 ) Of interest or importance at the present time

Rampant corruption in government offices is very much a live issue.

Live : (adverb)

1 ) Broadcast, played or recorded at the actual performance

Without being edited

This show is going out live.

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