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What is the difference between Loose and Lose?

What is the difference between Loose and Lose? :

Loose : (adjective)

1 ) Freedom from control

Not tied up, packed or contained in something

He carried his coins loose in his trouser pocket.

That dog is dangerous. Do not leave it loose.

2 ) Vague, not exact

Do not indulge in loose thinking.

3 ) Physically slack

He has loose skin.

She has loose bowels. (She suffers from diarrhea.)

4 ) (Talk, behavior, etc…) not sufficiently controlled

I detest your loose talk.

He leads a loose and dissolute life.

Is she a loose woman?

Lose : (verb)

1 ) Have something / someone taken away by accident, misfortune, death, etc…

He lost his leg in an accident.

He lost both his sons in the war.

She has just lost her husband.

2 ) No longer have or maintain

I have lost interest in war.

I warn you. I am rapidly losing patience.

3 ) Become unable to find

I have lost my keys.

He lost his wife in the crowd.

4 ) Fail to obtain or catch something

His words were lost in the applause.

5 ) Be no longer understood by someone

I am afraid you have lost me.

6 ) Elude, escape from something / someone

The dacoits managed to lose the police in the darkness.

7 ) Fail to win

Be defeated

They lost their match.

They won the battle but lost the war.

We lost the resolution in the parliament.

8 ) Forfeit something

The Socialist Party candidate lost his deposit.

9 ) Waste time, etc…

He lost ten minutes through having to change a tyre.

There is no time to lose.

10 ) Become poorer as a result of something

You will lose nothing by telling the truth.

We lost a lot on that deal.

Poetry loses something in translation.

11 ) Cause someone to be without or forfeit something

His carelessness lost him the job.

Such behaviour will lose you everyone’s sympathy.

12 ) (Watch or clock) go too slowly

A good watch neither gains nor loses.

This clock loses five minutes a day.

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