What is the difference between Mark and Marque and Murk?

What is the difference between Mark and Marque and Murk? :

Mark : (noun)

( 1 ) Stain, spot, line, etc…

Who made these dirty marks on my new book?

( 2 ) Noticeable spot or are on the body

This scar is her main distinguishing mark.

( 3 ) Written or printed symbol, figure, line, etc…made as a sign or an indication of something

Put a mark in the margin to show the omission.

( 4 ) Visible trace, sign or indication

Those are marks of old age.

Please accept this gift as a mark of our respect.

( 5 ) Number or letter used as an assessment of someone’s work or conduct

She got 80 marks out of 100 for Geography.

He got a poor mark in English.

( 6 ) Unit of currency in Germany

Give me a ten-mark note.

Mark : (verb)

( 1 ) Make a mark on something

Prices are marked by smallpox.

( 2 ) Denote or indicate something

His death marked the end of an era.

There will be ceremonies to mark the President’s Birthday.

( 3 ) Give mark to

I have thirty examination papers to mark tonight.

( 4 ) Show something by putting a mark

She marked me present.

Why have you marked the sentences wrong?

( 5 ) Be a distinguished feather of something

He writes in a style marked by precision and wit.

There are quantities which mark the novel as quite exceptional.

( 6 ) Pay attention to something

Note carefully

Mark carefully how it is done.

Marque : (noun)

( 1 ) Famous or particularly good make or brand

Do you like the Mercedes marque?

Murk : (noun)

( 1 ) Darkness


He was peering through the mark.

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