What is the difference between Meet and Mete?

What is the difference between Meet and Mete? :

Meet : (verb)

( 1 ) Come face to face with someone

Come together

Did you meet him yesterday?

( 2 ) Come together formally for discussion

The Cabinet meets regularly.

The debating Society meets on Fridays.

( 3 ) Experience something unpleasant


He met his death five days ago.

( 4 ) Be introduced to someone

Make acquaintance of someone

I know Ram by sight. But we have never met.

She is an interesting young woman. Would you like to meet her?

( 5 ) Go to a place and await the arrival of a person, train, etc…

Will you meet me at the airport?

I shall meet your bus.

( 6 ) Come into contact with something



His hand met hers.

These trousers will not meet round my waist any more.

( 7 ) Fulfill a request, demand, satisfy

I can meet her demands.

Can you meet all their objections?

( 8 ) Pay something

I shall meet all her expenses.

Meet : (adjective)

( 1 ) Suitable or appropriate

It is not a meet place to live in.

Your remarks were not meet.

Meet : (noun)

( 1 ) Gathering of riders and hounds at a fixed place for fox-hunting

( 2 ) Sporting contest where many competitors gather

Did you visit the authentic meet?

Mete : (verb)

Give or administer (punishment, rewards, etc…)

Justice was meted out to the offenders.

The magistrate meted out severe penalties.

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