What is the difference between Modal and Model?

What is the difference between Modal and Model? :

Modal : (noun)

1 ) (In grammar) verb that is used with another verb (not a modal) to express possibility, permission, obligation, etc…

Can, could, may, might, must, shall, should, will and would are few of the modal verbs.

What are the modal verbs?

Modal : (adjective)

1 ) Relating to mode or manner

Model : (noun)

1 ) A small representation of something original

This is the model of the proposed new airport.

2 ) Particular design or type of product

All this year’s new models are displayed at the motor show.

This is the most popular new model in our whole range.

3 ) Pattern, system used as a basis for a copy

Our constitution provided a model that other countries followed.

4 ) Person or thing regarded as excellent of his / its kind and worth imitating

His handling of the complicated case showed a model of tact.

Are you a model student?

5 ) Person employed to display clothes, bats, etc…to possible customers, by wearing them

She is one of the country’s top models.

That is a fashion model.

Model : (verb)

1 ) Take something / someone as an example for action, plans, etc…

She models herself on her favorite novelist.

2 ) Work as a model

Display clothes etc…by wearing them

She earns a living by modeling.

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