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What is the difference between Noose and Nose and Nous?

What is the difference between Noose and Nose and Nous? :

Noose : (noun)

1 ) Loop in none end of the rope with a knot that allows the loop to be tightened as the other end of the rope is pulled

The condemned prisoner is facing the hang man’s noose. (He is waiting to be hanged.)

Nose : (noun)

1 ) Part of the face above the mouth used for breathing and smelling

She gave me a punch on the nose.

He has a long, thin and sharp nose.

2 ) Sense of


The police have a dog with a good nose.

3 ) An ability to detect or find something

He is a reporter with a nose for news.

Do you have a nose for scandal?

Nose : (verb)

1 ) Go forward slowly

Cause something to go forward slowly

I nosed the car into the garage.

The plane nosed into the hangar.

2 ) Pry into or search something

Two reporters are nosing around for racy news.

Do not nose into my affairs.

3 ) Discover something by searching

The reporter can nose out a news story anywhere.

Nous : (noun)

1 ) Commonsense


None of them had the nous to shut the door when the fire broke out.

You cannot do anything thoroughly unless you possess plenty of nous.

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