What is the difference between Peal and Peel and Pill?

What is the difference between Peal and Peel and Pill? :

Peal : (noun)

1 ) Loud ringing of a bell or a set of bells with different notes

2 ) Loud burst of sound

She broke into peals of laughter.

There was a peal of thunder.

Peal : (verb)

1 ) Sound in a peal

The nearby temple bells pealed a few minutes ago.

2 ) Cause bells to ring or sound loudly

They pealed the bells to celebrate victory.

Peel : (verb)

1 ) Take the skin of

Peel a banana.

Would you peel me an orange?

2 ) Be removed

The label will peel off if you soak it in water.

3 ) Cause (skin) to be removed

Peel away the outer layer of the wall.

I found her peeling potatoes.

4 ) Have a skin or outer layer come off

These oranges peel easily.

Peel : (noun)

1 ) Outer coverings or skin of fruit, vegetables, etc…

Give me some grated lemon peels.

Pill : (noun)

1 ) Small ball or flat round piece of medicine made to be swallowed whole

He has to take six pills a day until he recovers.

2 ) Oral contraceptive artificial hormone in pill form taken regularly to prevent conception

She has gone on the pill.

(When PILL is used in this sense, the definite article THE should precede PILL.)

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