What is the difference between Rain and Reign and Rein?

What is the difference between Rain and Reign and Rein? :

Rain : (noun)

1 ) Condensed moisture of the atmosphere falling as separate drops

Fall of these drops

Do not go out of the rain.

The crops need rain.

2 ) Great number of things falling like a rain

The police fired a rain of bullets into the crowd.

Rain : (verb)

1 ) Fall as rain

It rained hard all day.

2 ) Fall like rain on someone / something

People rained blows on the thief.

3 ) Flow or come down in large quantities

Tears rained down her rosy cheeks.

Reign : (noun)

1 ) Period of rule of a king or queen

People were very happy during the reign of Akbar The Great.

The revolution was followed by a reign of terror.

Reign : (verb)

1 ) Rule

Be king or queen or regent

The king reigned over the country for twenty years.

Be dominated


Silence reigned in her house.

Peace reigned in ancient house.

Chaos reigned supreme in your house.

Rein : (noun)

1 ) Long narrow strap fastened to do the bit of a bridle and used to guide and control a horse

He pulled at the reins.

2 ) Means of control

He assumed the reins of government last month.

(The plural form REINS can be used only in this sentence.)

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