What is the difference between Raise and Raze and Razz?

What is the difference between Raise and Raze and Razz? :

Raise : (verb)

1 ) Cause to rise

Lift or move something to a higher level

Raise your hands.

She raised her hat to me.

He raised his eyes from his work.

2 ) Increase the amount or volume or heighten the level of something

I shall raise your salary.

Do not raise your voice.

You should raise standards of services.

3 ) Cause something to appear or arise

Your comments raised suspicion in people’s minds.

The horses’ hooves raised a cloud of dust.

Your dirty jokes raised a blush on her rosy cheeks.

4 ) Bring something up for discussion or attention

Put forward

The book raises many important issues for our considerations.

I am glad you raised that point.

5 ) Get in contact with someone

Find something or someone

I cannot raise her on the phone.

6 ) Manage to obtain, bring or collect something together

We shall raise funds for charity.

7 ) Bring up (a child)

He was raised by his uncle on a farm.

It is difficult raising a family on a small income.

Raze : (verb)

1 ) Destroy (a building) completely

Two buildings were razed to the ground.

Razz : (verb)

1 ) Ridicule

Make fun of something

Children were razzing the beggar.

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