What is the difference between Read and Reed and Rid?

What is the difference between Read and Reed and Rid? :

Read : (verb)

1 ) Be able to understand the meaning of

Do you know how to read and write well?

2 ) Discover or find out about something / someone by reading

I read about her in today’s paper.

I read that you had resigned.

3 ) Study a subject at a school, college, etc…

I read for degree in Physics.

4 ) Interpret or learn the significance of something

She tried her best to read my mind.

A gypsy read my palm.

Doctors can read symptoms correctly.

How do you read the present political situation in the country?

5 ) Convey the meaning which may not be intended

Silence must not be always read as consent.

6 ) Have a certain wording

The sign reads Keep Left.

The prime minister’s statement reads as follows.

7 ) Give a certain impressions

The story reads well.

The poem reads like a translation.

8 ) (Of corrections in text) replace (one word) with another

For neat in line 4, read nest.

Read : (noun)

1 ) Period or act of reading

Can I have a long read of that timetable.

He had a long read of the paper.

2 ) (With an adjective) write or book that is interesting to read

This author is a very good read.

Your novel is a bad read.

Read : (adjective)

1 ) Having knowledge gained from reading

She is a well-read person.

He is widely read in the classics.

Reed : (noun)

1 ) Any of the various types of grass-like plants growing near water

Rid : (verb)

1 ) Make something / someone free from something / someone unpleasant or unwanted

We must do our best to rid our country of famine.

Can you rid the house of mice?

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